University of Exeter Guilty Plea Research Request

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For the attention of our criminal justice practitioners:

Dear Dorset Law Society,

I am currently conducting an empirical research project, examining guilty plea procedure particularly in young defendants (defendants under the age of 18). As a solicitor myself, I really want the project to be useful to current practitioners and hope to make realistic recommendations that may assist practitioners and / or guide future reform. For this reason I’m hoping to be able to consult practitioners on what they perceive as problems / difficulties in the current system.

As part of the research, I am looking for criminal justice practitioners to complete a short survey at the link below:

To participate, practitioners must have experience representing young defendants deciding whether to plead guilty in the last two years. Practitioners who participate will be compensated for their time with a £5 amazon gift voucher.

Thank you in advance,


Dr. Rebecca K. Helm

Lecturer in Law

Exeter Law School, University of Exeter.

Amory Building. Rennes Drive,

Exeter. EX4 4RJ. United Kingdom.