Any solicitor residing or practising within the county of Dorset, Legal Executive or any trainee solicitor with a training contract within the county of Dorset, may apply to become a member of the Dorset Law Society.

Membership applications are warmly welcomed.

Fees for 2024

Amount of members Cost
Trainee Solicitors FREE
Individual members £26.00 per member
Retired Solicitors £16.00 per member
More than 5 members but less than 10 members £22.00 per member
More than 10 members but less than 20 members £19.00 per member
More than 20 members but less than 50 members £17.00 per member
More than 50 members £750 in total

As a member of the Society you will receive updates from national Council meetings, proposed changes to statute, etc. Such topics could change the landscape of solicitors’ firms and it is imperative that you have your say. The Society will respond accordingly to and put pressure on the national Law Society to advance our interests for the best of the legal profession.

Please download and fill in your details and submit the form below to 

We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Dorset Law Society Membership Form 2024