Draft response to The Law Society consultation exercise on 2020-2021 PC fee

Paul Dunlop attended the virtual SAALS meeting on 24 June 2020. He reported that all societies across the south are experiencing similar issues, with firm’s looking for help and guidance in this difficult time. A few societies have started running virtual training courses, with most seeking some form of attendance fee. We have lined up some courses and will circulate details shortly. Where it does not cost the society anything to run the course, we will be offering these to members for free. If you wish to request a specific area for a course or host one then please contact us at enquiries@dorsetlawsociety.co.uk

Paul Dunlop lead the discussion on the Law Society consultation about the proposed reduction of Practicing Certificates fees. Our committee has discussed this at length. Please see the following:

We encourage members and firms to write separately on this issue. If you are in agreement with the societies draft letter then you can use this as the basis of your letter, however, where possible amend it slightly so it is definitely taken as a separate and independent view. We request that all responses to the proposed letter are emailed to enquiries@dorsetlawsociety.co.uk by 3 July 2020.

If you are having financial, mental health, procedural and/or any other issues then please do contact SBA the Solicitor’s Charity, LawCare UK, or the society.