Recently held Legal Ombudsman complaints course

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legal ombudsman complaints handling course

The ‘Complaint Handling For The Legal Profession’ course run by the Legal Ombudsman and organised by the Dorset Law Society was a huge success with 100% positive feedback. We were proud to host such a critical and successful event with over 20 lawyers  and ten firms, from Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire attending. LEO were very aware that they need to speed up the handling of complaints and make sure the issues in dispute are defined at an early stage. LEO has made changes to address these problems and hopefully improvements will be seen this year.

An important point, that was made numerous times, was that a firm’s final letter to the complainant must state that they have 6 months from the date of this final response to bring a complaint to LEO. If it does not say this, the time limit will not apply.

Dorset Law Society would like to thank LEO for running the course and all attendees.


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